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July 24, 2007



Barcelona city itself has even one naturist beach at the beginning of the "Mar Bella" beach , meaning that in that beach you can join with other fully naked people for your sunbathing. Lately this part of the beach has been taken over by the gay community, but you still find a considerable amount of women there too at times.

I think that nudity in Europe is generally not such a big issue as it is in the US. I lived in Berlin many years and people would go naked in parks at the centre of town or at the lakes surrounding the city. In Spain we are not specifically educated to understand that bodies are simply bodies —just about the same for all of us— but you simply grow with it on the landscape and you don't give public nakedness any particular meaning.

I guess it also reveals something about the attitude towards erotism, namely that nakedness within the appropriate intimate context does have a totally different meaning than when it is exposed as a mere recreational activity.

I remember when a friend from NYC visited me in Berlin and we attended a dance-theatre performance in which all the actors where naked. As art has been doing for centuries, it revealed the beauty of the naked body. My friend told me that that show would be banned in NYC if it was ever to come to the US.

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